Uncle Fred's Franks

Serving One Of The Best Hot Dogs You Have Ever Eaten

Uncle Fred's Franks serves one of the best hot dogs in Denver.  We are a food truck that serves our customers in regular locations.  We also cater private events.  Check out our schedule and menu for more details.

Here's Why We Are Off Today

Being the hot dog guy means you are 90% chef and 10% weatherman.  Every day, I look at the weather for the next day to make sure it's not going to rain or snow.  If the weather is marginal, then people don't come outside for hot dogs.  If I show up and no one shows up for hot dogs, then some of the food goes to waste.


Here's why: most of the food that I serve can be put back in the refrigerator and used the next day, but the bread is a different story.  


The bread is something that sets us apart.  I have it made fresh everyday by my friends at The Bagel Store.  They make early in the morning so that it is ready for me to serve at lunch.  I have to let them know the night before how many rolls we need.  Because I want each roll to be as fresh as possible, I don't use yesterday's rolls today.


That's why I make sure the weather is going to be nice before I order the bread.  Going out on a rainy day when no one shows up means I order a lot of bread that doesn't get used.  I'm not in the habit of wasting food, so each day is a judgment call.  Most days, I get it right, but on occasion, I pull the plug on a day that turns out to be nice.  At that point, no bread is ordered and it can't be made in time for lunch.


I want to be at my regularly scheduled locations as much as possible so that you can count on me being there, but because there are a few days each year that I make the wrong call on the weather, I ask that you check my website or Facebook page to make sure I am setting up that day.  In addition to weather, there are some days that I don't set up because I am catering private events.


Thanks for your understanding.  I love serving my customers and am committed to serving you one of the best hot dogs you have ever eaten.