Uncle Fred's Franks

Serving One Of The Best Hot Dogs You Have Ever Eaten

Uncle Fred's Franks serves one of the best hot dogs in Denver.  We are a food truck that serves our customers in regular locations.  We also cater private events.  Check out our schedule and menu for more details.

Uncle Fred's is Closed

Uncle Fred has retired and the business is for sale.  The listing is below.  Contact us if you are interested.


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What We Can Do For You

We are a food truck delivering unique offerings to customers seeking fresh-cooked hot dogs and sausages in an outdoor, on-the-go environment.

We offer all-beef Pearl hot dogs; buffalo brats from locally-owned Continental Sausage; kielbasa, hot links, and chicken sausages.

Every one is served in a Challah roll made fresh everyday from our friends at The Bagel Store. All sausages and dogs are made to order on a wood-charcoal fire, courtesy of our Big Green Egg.

We have fresh condiments to make it whatever style you want – New York, Chicago, or any other city that claims to have a great hot dog. We can even grill up some bacon to accompany your hot dog or sausage.

If you are brave, you can try our homemade habanero mustand, but you’ll have to request it – it’s too hot for the general public.

Come check us out. We’re committed to serving you one of the best hot dogs you have ever eaten.

Our History:

The first version of this business was called Fred’s Franks and was started in Wakefield, MA by Fred Rex. Fred worked in the high-tech electronics field for 25 years until the company he worked for was sold. He decided he wanted to start his own business and launched Fred’s Franks in 2003.

His mission was simple: Provide you with one of the best hot dogs you have ever eaten.

Fred sold Fred’s Franks in 2010 and decided to move to Denver, Colorado to live closer to his sister, Sarah, her husband, Greg, and their two children, Dylan and Gabby.

Fred decided to re-launch the business in the Denver area to deliver to the people of Colorado a hot dog that was unsurpassed. He decided to call it Uncle Fred’s Franks.

This is a video feature from KWGN’s Food Truck Friday segment in May 2013. Check it out and then come see us for one of the best hot dogs you have ever eaten!